Armani Casa

Packing, Stock monitoring & relocation a delicate High value furniture brand & home accessories

Description of the project:

Armani-Casa exhibition in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan used to display everything produced by Armani-Casa of:

•Household utensils
•Live flowers and plants
•Internal and external lighting

However, Fils International Packing & Removals Company has founded an operation site inside the exhibition and scene of operations to pack each piece on site avoiding any incident or damage, and so, all contents of furniture, accessories and antiques were well kept using different packing mechanism to maintain the piece temperature during storage period while still enveloped

All decorations, internal and external lighting were removed
Whereas, that furniture pieces of Armani-Casa are of the loveliest and finest furniture pieces present worldwide distinguished by its rare presence and uniqueness
Duration of removal: 14 days
No. of employees: 8
Supervisors: 2
Rate of damage: 0%

Photo illustrates the whole story in pictures




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